Information Security and cyber risk Awareness Compliance Learning

Upskill teams against security and cyber risks  

Our self-paced Cyber Security online courses cover:  
  • Information security compliance
  • Cybercrime, risks and resilience
  • Recognising threats and protecting Information

Protect and Prevent IT Security and Cybercrime in your Organisation

In today's world, information is increasingly digital, making it easy to misuse. Organisations are struggling to protect their confidential information and keep pace with the increasingly stringent laws that protect consumer and employee privacy, making information security compliance increasingly more difficult. This Information Security training course provides insight and guidance on how you can protect your firm from cyber security breaches and recognize the warning signs of cybercrime.


This course is suitable for all employees. 
Regional courses available to support differing legislative requirements.

Learning objectives

  • Apply risk management techniques to protect business information
  • Understand key security measures for physical and electronic data  
  • Identify common cybercrimes and measures to protect personal information
  • Take appropriate action in response to potential information security incidents
  • Discuss the consequences of lost or stolen data, records and information, and more

Topics Include

  • Cybercrime — Risks and Resilience
  • Recognising the Threat
  • Responsible Cyber Communication
  • Protecting Information
  • Computer and Other Device Safety 

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