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Unified legal technology ecosytem

Elite 3E

Advanced business management technology powering the top law firms.

Improve efficiency. Increase profitability.

Designed to drive growth and increase profitability in large and mid-size law firms, 3E provides a highly configurable platform with industry-leading security, advanced analytics, and complete mobility – meeting today’s needs while enabling tomorrow’s growth. It is the solution preferred by law firms to improve performance and connect all critical areas of law firm operations.

Take financial and practice management to the next level

3E enables your teams to streamline and automate tasks, drive operational efficiency, and provide fast, proactive service to your clients. Get the strategic visibility you need to make timely, accurate business decisions – with the flexibility and insight your firm needs to gain a competitive edge now and in the future.

Drive efficiency and growth

Easy access to information and key functions drive law firm performance by reducing the time needed to complete important business and operational duties.

Increase profitability

Meet today's needs and enable tomorrows growth by streamlining the full range of your accounting and financial reporting activities.

Deliver client value

Connect all areas of firm business and gain instant access to real-time information to meet client needs.

Leverage game-changing features

Visibility into business operations

Your leaders, partners, and clients need clear, actionable information in order to plan their next move. With its powerful capabilities and in-depth analytics, 3E provides firm stakeholders with the data they're counting on, when and where they need it.

  • Gain strategic insights with in-depth, customisable analytics to support deliverables, actions, and goals
  • Provide fast, proactive service to your clients
  • Communicate value to your clients and operate your business more profitably

Productivity tools specifically for lawyers

With easy access to information and functions focused on driving law firm performance, 3E ensures legal professionals are effective in their work and can deliver exceptional client service.

  • Maximise billable time captured and client-related costs with easy time entry
  • View persona-based financial analytics that provide performance measures and actionable insights
  • Create budgets and compare actual performance against the plan

Integrated financial management

Streamline your accounting and financial reporting activities, including general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, collections, fixed assets, trust accounting, and time tracking on a multi-office, global scale.

  • Access real-time financial data, time entries, and billing information in one platform
  • Take on new matters and fee arrangements with confidence
  • Boost ROI with automated workflows and streamlined collaboration processes
  • Automate and accelerate your invoice, collection, and accounts payable cycles

Explore 3E advantages

Open and modern platform

Gain the flexibility, interoperability, and the modernisation your firms needs now and in the future.

Enhanced law firm operations

Leverage a complete solution that was developed with the entire matter life cycle at its core.

Ensured success and continued support

Go beyond initial deployment with ongoing training, consulting, client services, and more.

Explore 3E customer stories

See how other firms have found success with 3E business and practice management

3E empowers us with an end-to-end process to provide professional legal services with agility
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