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What's Included

When you’re deciding what you need, features matter.

Because our intelligent work and engagement platform was designed specifically for the legal industry, during the development of HighQ, we’ve been able to pay extra attention to the features that you and your clients need.


While topics such as encryption key management and dedicated instances aren’t as exciting as artificial intelligence or data visualization, they’re more critical than ever: you can’t afford a technology platform that fails to prioritise security.

HighQ is trusted by many of the world’s leading law firms and governments to securely exchange confidential information both inside and outside of their organisations. Out of the box, HighQ secure cloud:

  • Contract creation and management
  • Creating client portals & extranets
  • Document management and collaboration
  • Enterprise legal management
  • Intranet and team collaboration
  • Knowledge management
  • Legal intake and self-service
  • Legal project management


HighQ’s integration abilities distinguishes itself from other technology platforms.

All organisations, and even most teams and departments, utilise multiple applications day-to-day to function and when these systems don’t work together, productivity, business continuity, and collaboration suffer.

HighQ offers a complete, intelligent work and engagement platform, with seamless integration with not just the wider Thomson Reuters suite of solutions, but with other leading technologies, enabling our clients to create a single, unified platform that meets all their needs. Out-of-the-box integrations include:

  • Thomson Reuters range of IT solutions – Contract Express, Practical Law and much more
  • Document Management – Microsoft SharePoint, iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText
  • AI and Machine Learning – Kira Systems, Leverton, Eigen, Luminance, Neota Logic and RAVN
  • Digital Rights Management – Seclore
  • Productivity Applications – Microsoft Office 365 and Google suite
  • Electronic Signatures – DocuSign
  • Document – Comparison – Workshare Compare Everywhere
  • CRM – Salesforce and LexisNexis InterAction
  • Client Platforms – XML/RSS connector and SQL database connector


Working similarly and seamlessly on any device from any location, HighQ’s platform was designed specifically with mobility in mind.

Not only can you interact with your HighQ instance on any device or through the Drive app, but our engagement solutions also help you to create and publish your very own portals and sites which are always mobile-ready with no extra work.

Features include:

  • Built using responsive design principles, HighQ automatically adjusts itself to fit the way that you’re trying to access it
  • Run out of our ultra-secure cloud, you can access your HighQ instance from anywhere
  • The HighQ Drive app means that you can easily access, create, synchronise, and share documents and information on your journey to work, simply
  • We’ve ensured that our mobile experience is secure, enabling you to work between internal and external parties without any concerns about security, compatibility and excessive administration

User experience

How do you feel about the business applications you interact with every day? Do you look forward to working in them?

We consider these and many other user-experience-related factors when developing each new piece of HighQ functionality because we want that experience to be as enjoyable, useful, efficient and intuitive as possible.

Discover how security, integration, mobility, and user experience features enhance HighQ.