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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Last year The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) issued fines worth millions of dollars for breaches of AML laws. Help your organisation be compliant, avoid serious financial and reputational risk with anti-money laundering Compliance Learning courses as well as Regulatory Intelligence and Risk Special Services.

Introducing Our New Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Learning


Anti-Money Laundering Fundamentals - Overview

Word has spread that a global money laundering operation is about to take place and AML agency - the Financial Integrity Group needs the learner’s help to stop as much “dirty” money as possible from being cleaned. The learner must be the Financial Integrity Group’s eyes on the ground and must “follow the money” around the world as it is split up and sent to different countries. Along the way, learners will explore all aspects of money laundering through interactive templates, gamelets and their Financial Integrity Group mentor - deployed to help keep the learner out of trouble. 

Key course information 

A seamless anti-money laundering learning experience allowing your team to engage with an investigative approach focusing on a ‘dirty’ money pot gamified experience.

Suits your schedule

Ability to stop, pause and resume where you left off

Enhanced learning

Interactive, gamified and mobile-ready courses improve user experience and knowledge retention.


Courses include in-line quizzes and post-assessments to enable analytical reports and audit trails.


Customise our courses to reflect your corporate brand including relevant case studies, CEO-messages, internal policies and more!

Course accessibility

Accessibility is the practice of making a platform or learning courses usable by a wider audience, ensuring an inclusive experience to users regardless of any physical or cognitive disability.

That's why we are committed to providing digital accessibility and accessible learning courses for everyone.

Mobile ready

Instant access to your courses anywhere, anytime. Access courses on your Apple or Android devices, either mobile or tablet.

Complete courses offline, with your progress tracked and synced when back online.

Course Details - Anti-Money Laundering: 

Asia-Pacific (APAC) Edition

We are re-imagining our anti-money laundering course experience and bringing in a modular approach for this subject area. This course contains three key modules. You can also create custom packages of modules to suit your company’s needs. Translations into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Malay are available.

User Experience

Our modules are interactive, educating employees on the process of money laundering criminal businesses use to disguise the true origin and ownership of illegal cash through gamification.

Learning Objectives

  • Methods criminals use to launder money and finance terrorism
  • Importance of customer due diligence/what is meant by a ‘risk-based approach’
  • Purpose and implementation of financial sanctions
  • Consequences of anti-money laundering regulatory breaches
  • Key anti-money laundering risks in APAC

Modular Approach

15-45 minute modules enabling bite sized learning.

Explore key regulatory compliance themes

Anti-money laundering

Code of conduct

Data privacy, IT & cyber security

Anti-bribery & corruption

Conflicts of interest

Course catalogue

Download our popular online course catalogue including Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption, Conduct Risk, Information Security and Cyber Risk plus many more

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