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Compliance Learning

Bespoke courses

Tailor courses to fit your budget, specifications and timelines

Options to fit every business need

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning courses are fully customizable and scalable to fit the exact learning objectives set by your business.

We offer a full range of options and can work with you to personalize any aspect to meet your specific requirements.

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning courses are available in three different options.


These courses cover a wide range of topics, are off-the-shelf and ready for immediate use. Topics include Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing; Modern Slavery; Conduct Risk; Market Conduct and Fraud; Prevention of Corrupt Practices; Privacy, Information Security; Risk Management.


A market-ready course is used as a "base", and the content is tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to personlise any aspect to meet your requirements, including:
  • Adding your logo and branding
  • Inserting your company policies and/or procedures
  • Tailoring scenarios, content and case studies to your industry or business sector
  • Customizing quizzes to test the areas that are most important to your organization


In addition to our extensive library of customizable market-ready courses, we can build courses to meet your exact specifications on any governance, risk and compliance topic. Bespoke courses can be built from customer-supplied content or specialized content provided by Thomson Reuters.

Solutions that cater to a range of timelines, budgets and requirements

Document publish with attestation

Cost-effective, ideal if you require your learners to review a policy document and need them to confirm acknowledgment.

PowerPoint conversion

An e-learning package created out of your PowerPoint slides, which can also directly report assessments to your LMS.

Introductory course

Intuitive interaction and diverse photography with content as focus, ideal if content is finalized and timelines are short.

Standard course

A fully branded solution with wide range of bespoke graphics and interactions. Ideal for highest knowledge retention.

Premium course

Hand drawn illustrations and top of the range graphics, premium range can incorporate your specific requirements.

Experience the difference of expert digital compliance training