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Connecting deeper global intelligence to reveal and reduce risk​

We're building a safer, more secure world.

Your enhanced due diligence requires a deeper intelligence to surface the right connections. Using a unique fusion of global data, content expertise and technology to deliver intelligence reporting that not only uncovers connections and networks but also makes sense of patterns and behaviors. Comprehensive information gives you clarity and provides you with the confidence you need to proceed on deals.

Threat Intelligence Due Diligence

Know Your Customer & 3rd Party Risk Intelligence

Supply Chain Risk & Intelligence

Continuous Threat Monitoring & Evaluation


Unmatched Content

One of the largest and richest data repository with access to global data beyond the norm. Ranging from comprehensive corporate data, ownership data, legal data, financial data, risk data, trade data, entity data and events-based feeds. Reuters News has over 20 million news stories and 12,000 additional sources on reputed business and trade journals.

Unique Access

Access to proprietary Source of Wealth information (which is tied to AML, Tax evasion (FATCA), Fraud risk) as well as the ability to apply advanced asset tracking techniques enabled by our analysis capabilities.

Connecting the Dots

Unparalleled, custom-built technology stitches the library of individual data source together with enhanced Entity Resolution capabilities, ensuring highest degree of confidence, accuracy and data providence that uncovers the relevant connections and draws actionable insights.

Capricorn Knowledge Graph    

Leveraging machine learning and data science expertise to visualize data, enabling our analysts to undertake large-scale assessments and uncover risky networks faster.

Our Unique Approach

Highly skilled analysts with intelligence reporting experience will leverage multiple data analysis methods to create meaningful solutions and deliver new insights.

Actionable Insights

Acts as your early warning system for hidden risk. Often identifying heightened risk entities months or even years before they are formally listed by regulators and law enforcement agencies.

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