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Introducing HighQ 5.7

Get up to speed on the latest feature enhancements and put them to work for you.

Discover what's new in HighQ

Explore the enhancements that will help you increase productivity and provide a more responsive and tailored client experience. HighQ 5.7 builds upon its modern adaptable technology to further enable your firm to simplify your legal processes, boost productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline project and matter management.

Provide a responsive and tailored client experience

Personalize your client portals and provide a more tailored experience through new customizable forms for different work types. New system dashboards help you enhance the client experience and target the system landing page to different groups or personas and provide quick status updates.

HighQ 5.7 offers better visuals and workflow tools that make managing and tracking work easier—saving time and increasing productivity.

Gain visibility and extract insights into contract assets 

Significant improvements to Contract Lifecycle Management let you view and manipulate metadata captured against attachments. Now all file actions are available for iSheet attachments. Use workflow to automatically send iSheet attachments for approval, show email recipients of workflow emails, update text fields, and use file status to trigger workflow. 

Seamless connections put everything you need in one place 

Remove the bottleneck on system admins with the ability to give users Contract Express access. Easily change users in bulk from being basic users to internal users and back again.

In HighQ DocAuto, you can set up an iSheet to use Contract Express templates, select one or many iSheet records, and create a collection of documents with a single click.

Platform enhancements

Core platform improvements take HighQ to the next level with robust enhancements across the platform, such as enabling approvals from wherever the user is in the platform and more tailored visuals through the System Dashboard builder.

HighQ capabilities

Client collaboration

Give your organization everything it needs to exchange critical transactional information quickly and securely with clients, providing a superior client experience.

Contract lifecycle management

Maximize value with efficient end-to-end contract lifecycle management. Gain visibility across your business’s contract assets, proactively manage obligations, pre-empt risk, and drive growth.

Document automation

Drive efficiencies by automating high-volume, routine documents or complex suites of documents using more powerful HighQ document automation powered by Contract Express.

Connectors and integrations

Take full advantage of our mature APIs, a vibrant developer community, and native integrations with other key systems.

Ready to expand your HighQ capabilities?

Discover how HighQ can help your organization be more automated, efficient, and accessible.