Thomson Reuters Roundtable

Asia Legal Priorities 2024:
AI, Legal Tech & Operational Excellence

4 July 2024 | 10:00am – 1:15pm | HKIAC

c    4 July 2024

c    10:00am - 1:15pm HKT

RSVP    RSVP by 2 July 2024

c    Hong Kong International     
          Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
          38/F, Two Exchange Square
          8 Connaught Place
          Central, Hong Kong

With the advent of genAI tools and other legal technologies set to impact various facets of legal work, legal teams are at a critical juncture: embrace new priorities and utilize legal tech to access new opportunities, or risk lagging. This exclusive, invite-only roundtable is tailored for legal directors and senior legal professionals to explore key issues and opportunities in enhancing legal practice through AI and advanced technology.


  • State of Asia Legal Market: Challenges, trends, and priorities for Asia's legal teams in 2024. 
  • What legal tech is currently loved by lawyers in Hong Kong and why? 
  • The ELM landscape: Leveraging CLM, automation and AI tools to streamline processes. 
  • Can technologies be used to do substantive legal work? 
  • Defining strategies to select the best legal technology and critical questions before deployment. 
  • Securing buy-in, building a business case, and benchmarking ROI to transform legal teams into value-adding units.

Join us to redefine your legal priorities, capture efficiency opportunities, and get ready to experience modern legal workflow.

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Registration is now closed as we reached the capacity of the venue.
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Jane Lewis
Vice President
Thomson Reuters

Elsa Ho
Senior Legal Operations Manager

John Koshy
Head of Group Legal Affairs
Jardine Matheson Ltd

Sebastian Ko
General Counsel
DFX Labs

Jia-Yi Tay
Managing Associate

Ben Bury
Group General Counsel
Gammon Construction Limited

Stephanie Siu
AI and Legal Tech Lead
Thomson Reuters

Rob Head
Propositions Director
Legal Contents
Thomson Reuters

Thomas Chuang
AI and Legal Tech Lead
Thomson Reuters