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Contract Express: Harness the power of automation

A productivity solution designed to simplify legal document drafting for lawyers. Welcome to the future of work.

Contract Express for in-house legal

Thomson Reuters Contract Express - The in house legal story

Thomson Reuters Contract Express - The in house legal story

Contract Express is much more than just legal document automation software. It offers in-house legal teams intuitive questionnaire technology, sophisticated approval workflows and reporting functionality for self-service contracting. That's why it’s the solution of choice for leading corporations worldwide.

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Contract Express is the future of work

Compliant documents every time

Integrates with Practical Law so you’re equipped with industry standard documents from the starting line. The software provides an easy platform to maintain and update clauses and terms throughout suites of documents, so your legal documents are always standardised, up-to-date, and compliant in a shifting regulatory landscape.

Seamless internal collaboration

Empower internal users and reduce sales cycles with self-service contracting through the platform. Pre-approved standard contracts and automated approval workflows ensures standardised, error-free documents and quicker turnarounds, eliminating the legal bottleneck.

Track, measure, and report

The software provides an analytics dashboard that tracks and measures everything you do so you can quickly calculate and report departmental efficiency and ROI, demonstrating the value the legal team brings to the business.


Practical Law ready-automated templates are now available for Contract Express.

How does it work?

Recent documents This is where you can see all the documents that are being worked on listed in whatever order you would find most useful

Contract Express quickly automates contracts you frequently use, increasing productivity by reducing steps in the drafting process. Users generate these draft documents by filling out web-based forms called questionnaires. The forms are created automatically from your organisation’s own templates or from services such as Practical Law.

Datasheet view

This is a view of all the data in your documents by template


This feature helps you keep a record of all the contact data in your documents

Practical Law

If you have a Practical Law subscription, you can get access to nearly 300 ready to use automated templates

Document questionnaire form

Get to your first draft quicker with easy to use dynamic questionnaires

Document overview

Each document you are working on has a summary page that you can tailor to your needs. It includes a document version history and other useful information

Capabilities and features

Provides a better user experience

  • Offers a customisable dashboard for a law firm or client
  • Employs mobile first design
  • Has a preview mode to observe changes as they're being made through the questionnaire

Supports a range of lawyers' needs

  • Recognises lawyers’ square bracket legal markup notation with Contract Express Author
  • Assists associates and paralegals with Contract Express Drafter
  • Facilitates easier contract negotiation with Contract Express Negotiator
  • Integrates with Practical Law

Scales to your size or usage requirements

  • Manages high volumes of complex contracts
  • Generates repetitive secondary deal documents
  • Enables clients to complete a questionnaire to send to an associate for review

Technology that meets your requirements

  • Works perfectly on mobile devices, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, the features will adapt to the screen size available for drafting and review on the go.
  • Provides first class integration with your organization’s business systems such as client, matter, billing and accounting systems.

Let’s discuss your specific needs and see if this product is right for you.