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Document automation

Reduce the time and risk of manual document drafting

Remove unnecessary bottlenecks

HighQ offers self-service document assembly for contracts and NDAs, online matter intake, M&A transactions, and many other legal processes. You can easily build dynamic templates without programming, so users across your organisation can quickly generate standard, error-free legal documents. Discover how document automation can help you drive efficiency, speed turnaround, reduce mistakes, mitigate risk, improve client service, streamline workflow and much more.

Automated Microsoft Word templates

Build dynamic templates without programming simply by dragging auto-generated code into existing legal documents using our Word add-in.

Workflow and process automation

Make templates available from any HighQ site, trigger the creation of a document automatically within a workflow, kick off an automated review, and add it to a project.

On-demand document assembly

Empower anyone to generate fully drafted and branded legal documents by filling out an online form, which automatically pushes the submitted data into the template.

Data collection and management

Use the data that surrounds your document automation process to analyse trends, interrogate deal specifics and support due diligence—and visualise it in dashboards.

Seamless document management

Manage the documents in HighQ’s central, secure repository, where you can easily access, organise, share, track, audit and archive every version.

The HighQ difference

Drive efficiency

Reduce manual intervention, enabling your team to focus on higher-value work.

Speed turnaround

Eliminate approval bottlenecks so you can execute contracts and other files faster.

Reduce mistakes

Prevent human errors and better control document quality and consistency.

Mitigate risk

Support compliance by standardising contract language and approvals.

Improve client service

Make document assembly tools available to internal or external users on a self-service basis.

Ready to take the next step?

See how you can leverage document automation with HighQ