Orbitax Global Minimum Tax features

Navigate Global Minimum Tax with the help of Thomson Reuters and Orbitax

Your guide to Global Minimum Tax Success.

Manage data effortlessly

Collect, configure, and transmit data in ways that work best for the business.

Data collection and transmission has never been easier.

  • Utilize intuitive data mapping tool to connect source data to the corresponding data fields in Orbitax Global Minimum Tax. 
  • Integrate with ONESOURCE Tax Provision, other ERPs and tax systems using 90+ out of the box APIs. 

  • Instantly send questionnaires to collect data from other stakeholders using data survey tool.

  • Upload data manually as needed, from various sources, if data collection cannot be automated.

Pre-defined input templates

Quickly gather Entity data, Transaction data, Globe Income, Covered Taxes, CbCR Safe Harbor Input, and additional information, using six pre-defined input templates.

Format agnostic 

Collect data in any format, including CSV, Excel® and PDF and easily convert to a unified format for further use.

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Reduce errors and simplify calculations

Automate calculations for effective tax rate and top-up tax liability in each jurisdiction using

Country specific calculators 

Built-in tax rates for 190+ countries, and country-specific calculators for QDMTT, STTR, IIR and UTPR to identify effective tax rates (ETR) and top-up tax liability.

Pre-defined rules and logics

Ensure that all calculators run concurrently in required sequence for accurate calculations, depending on the implementation of these rules in local laws of each country.

Multi-year forecasting

Perform multiyear forecast calculations by expanding base year input with growth assumptions and other input changes to reflect 'what if scenarios', law changes and other impacts

Election settings and simulations

Jurisdiction-wise election settings and simulations along with CE classifications.

Calculation templates 

Download and view online the calculation templates with separate areas for inputs, calculations, and reports (full audit trail available).

Create ‘what if’ scenarios

Run scenarios for entity and transaction changes.

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Efficient reporting and compliance

Meet global compliance requirements for both STTR and GloBE rules in all jurisdictions with Pillar 2 filing obligations. 

Track the latest tax rules  

Stay current on all jurisdictions' rules across data points, effective dates, and calculation rules, including how those rules differ from the OECD rules.

Flexible reporting  

Out-of-the box and custom reporting in Microsoft Power BI for fast configuration to view and present results summaries, scenario comparisons, and year-over-year changes.

Pre-linked formats

Pre-linked formats for GloBE information returns or other tax forms, as applicable. 

Customisable workflows

Pre-defined intelligent workflows customisable depending on different data requirements, with visual review and tracking such as scheduled start and end, sequential steps, and role-based tasks.  

Local filing 

Auto-populate and e-file returns in local country filing languages.  

Data release

Top-up tax adjustments or any other information can be pushed back to ONESOURCE Tax Provision or other tax and accounting systems for further use.

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